Busting a few myths about sports betting arbitrage

Busting a few myths about sports betting arbitrage

The word arbitrage causes quite a stir when uttered in the presence of veteran sports bettors. Arbitrage betting is way of making riskless profit from any game that invites bets. It is a sure shot way of making money no matter the final outcome of the game. The key here is that you use a mix of odds offered by different competing bookmakers and take advantage of the differences. What you essentially do is spread your stake by betting on all the possible outcomes of a game and thus guarantee a profit for yourself, albeit a modest profit, but profit nonetheless. Such bets are also called as surebets, miraclebets, or arbs.

This is a completely legal activity and happens all the time. However, you need to know of the differences in odds offered and should be quick to seize the opportunity to book a guaranteed profit. Bookmakers do not like such bettors and consider such bettors as mere opportunists.

For you to be successful you need three things. The first thing is you should have access to information of the various odds being offered and for that you will have to scour the internet. However, there is a easy way out. You can subscribe to websites like www.stormyodds.com and get all the information you need in one place. Additionally you will have to become a sort of expert in surebets and this can be done by visiting sites like https://win-every-time.com here you will learn all you need to know about surebets or miraclebets. Next is access to honest and reputed bookmakers that have a name and reputation to guard. Such information is available on websites like https://gertgambell.net.

Now let us bust a few myths about sports arbitrage betting:

Almost anyone can become an expert in arbitrage betting.
The answer is yes and no. You need a lot of information and expertise before you can actually become some king of expert. You also need some basic skills in money management and lots of time on your hands. And the most important thing is you need a sizeable amount of cash to make a modest profit of 2 to 5% per bet. Only when the initial bankroll is big can you aspire to make a decent amount every month.

Arbitrage betting is a ticket to wealth
Well, the answer is no. You don’t get rich overnight. You need a sizeable bankroll to begin with. The bigger the risk capital the more money you make. You can also lose a substantial sum of money if a particular bet goes wrong or you fail to bet when the arbitrage opportunity arises.

This is zero risk business.
In principle this is a zero risk activity, however, you can face unexpected pitfalls like when bookmakers cancel your bets citing palpable errors while listing their odds. Such palpable errors are allowed and at time they are genuine. Sometimes bookmakers can shut your account and refuse to pay you your winnings. And the last risk that is evident is that as a arbitrage bettor you will be moving large sums of money around which can raise suspicions with the authorities and your accounts can be frozen.

Having said this, if done prudently under the expert guidance of the websites mentioned above you can pull this off and make steady money.