Problems you might face in sports arbitrage betting

Problems you might face in sports arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is one of the safest ways of making money, and this fact is acknowledged worldwide by almost all investment gurus. First let’s get a few things cleared up. Sports betting bookies do not like arbers (people who engage in sports betting arbitrage). In the event they realize that you are one of them they will try to have your stakes limited, or worse they will close your account without giving any good reason. It is clear that you are of little use to the bookmaker if he or she is not going to profit from you. Therefore if you want to engage in arbitrage betting you will have to place bets on different outcomes of the game at different bookmakers. Not only that you have to ensure that all the bookmakers where you place your bets on different outcomes are trustworthy and reliable. Now this is big task to accomplish.

Please also be aware that you won’t be the only player doing this. There will be hundreds and thousands of expert bettors/gamblers that will be trying to do this. Now to get over this you will need reliable information as to different odds offered by different bookmakers. This is easier said than done. However, we will give you a nice tip: visit and source all your odds from them. You can also do a quick comparison of the different odds offered. This should make your task a lot easier.

Many a times you will see that in spite of placing all the right bets, bookmakers will refuse to make payments citing an error on their part. This happens more regularly of late. At times this is a genuine mistake on the part of bookmakers; however, if they do so deliberately they are well within their rights to claim an error. If this happens you are stuck with a large bet on one outcome without any guarantee of earning a profit. There might also arise a scenario where you are betting on outcomes of a tennis match and have placed bets at different bookmakers on different outcomes. Now if during the match one tennis player gets injured and is unable to continue the game, the other player will advance to the next round. In such a case one bookmaker will pay you as the other player has advanced, but the other bookmaker can refuse to pay you as the outcome is not the same as the one on which you bet. In such case also you are likely to make a loss. There are countless such scenarios that can happen, and you have to guard or cover all your bases to ensure you don’t find yourself losing money.

So, how do we cover all our bases? Well the answer is simple; you need to learn all you can about arbitrage betting. The best place where you can do this is: This is the most trusted and reliable site where you can learn all about arbitrage betting. Another important recommendation we can make is that you find yourself a trusted guide that will lead you to all the honest bookmakers in your region. One such name is This site will also give you tips and tricks that will ensure you make a decent sum every month from arbitrage betting. These people are professionals and have a very good reputation in the betting business.

With all this information we are sure you will be able to make a decent income from sports arbitrage betting, if you follow all the guidelines mentioned in this article.