Sports arbitrage essential FAQs for your ready reference

Sports arbitrage essential FAQs for your ready reference

By now you are well aware that sports arbitrage betting is one of the safest forms of betting that guarantees you a steady income provided you have the time, money, and organizational skills. This is considered as a form of investment which returns you a profit of about 2 – 5% on a regular basis. However, there are many misconceptions and myths that still need to be busted about this wonderful opportunity that you can take advantage of. This article will deal with some of the most essential FAQs.

Is it legal to engage in sports arbitrage betting?
The simple answer to your question is it is legal in your country or region if sports betting is legal. If sports betting is barred by law then sports arbitrage betting is illegal. Having said that most developed countries barring the United states allows sports betting, and therefore arbitrage trading is legal there.

Is it necessary to buy books and learn about sports arbitrage betting?
To buy or not buy a book to learn about sports arbitrage trading is a judgment call you will have to take. Buying and having some resource material has never harmed anyone till date. However, you can always learn about all the aspects by visiting sites like or The information you will find here is as reliable as available anywhere else.

Is arbitrage trading popular with the masses?
Well, it sure is very popular. In fact some people with sufficient cash on their hands do it as a full time job.

Why do sites like,, and provide all the information free of cost?
Well, they do it to popularize this wonderful opportunity. They also have affiliate relationship with odds suppliers which give them a commission. Apart from that many bookies and other people associated with sports betting advertise on their website which ensures a revenue stream for them,

How much can I earn every month?
It will depend on your initial bankroll. If you put in 10000 Euros you can look forward to making about 1200 Euros every month. In case you put in 25,000 Euros the amount you make will double, and if you invest 150000 or above you will earn a real handsome amount every month.

Is it true that some bookmakers block or ban people that engage in arbitrage betting?
Yes, this is true. Bookmakers don’t like people that do this legal activity. However, if you are clever enough and take good care they will never learn about it, and you can carry on without any problem. The websites mentioned above will guide you in all these aspects therefore do visit them and learn all you can to avoid being banned by bookmakers.

Is sports arbitrage trading legal in the US?
No it is not legal in the US. However, if you move to Canada you can do it. There are many other tricks by which you can do this sitting in the US, but we do not recommend any of those.

We hope we have answered most of your questions, however, if you still have some more doubts please do write to us. Sports arbitrage betting is the safest form of investment that you will ever make for a steady stream of Euros to your bank account.