Surebets or arbitrage is worth pursuing and the best part is it is legal

Surebets or arbitrage is worth pursuing and the best part is it is legal

For the uninitiated arbitrage or surebets in sports means betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting event. Whenever a person or an individual bets on all possible outcomes, that person is guaranteed to make a small profit. Having said that you don’t have to be an expert in the game/sport you are betting. No complicated analysis is required when you are going to bet on all outcomes. What you do need is great or superior odds supplying service, honest bookmakers, and some mathematical ability. Quite a lot of people are using this system to make money on a regular basis. They are limited only by one fact: the number of games available to bet on. However, this problem too can be solved as the internet now allows us to bet on games and sporting activities that are taking place in the far corners of the globe.

Sports arbitrage betting is now considered as the holy grail of sports betting. There are just about a few tens of thousands of sports arbitrageurs in the world, but this number is bound to increase as more and more people begin to realize that guaranteed gains are possible. However, if you have gained the impression that sports arbitrage betting will give you very handsome returns, then you are wrong. It generally gives you a return of about 2.5% to 4% per bet. On the flip side if you have invested a sizable amount, you can look forward to a return of 10 to 15 percent per month on the capital invested. Now compare this to what banks and other financial institutions are offering. Well, this kind of return on capital trumps almost any financial instrument in the world.

But is it legal source of income?

Yes it is absolutely legal. What does a arbitrage betting do? Well, it does nothing illegal; all it does is exploits the difference in odds offered by different bookmakers. Therefore there is nothing illegal about it. Where ever sports betting is legal arbitrage betting is legal. Bookmakers do not think very highly about arbers and strike them off their list whenever they suspect something fishy.

Requirements to be a successful at sports betting

As mentioned above to be successful in sports arbitrage betting you definitely need a decent bundle of cash to begin with. More than the cash what you need is character. However, if you have the stamina and can invest a decent amount of money for a long period of time, you will earn a decent sum of money as income from this activity.

To make a return of 5000 Euros per month you will have to invest 25,000 Euros. But if you are wanting to supplement your regular income with some additional income, then you can begin by making a initial investment of 1000 – 2000 Euros and earn about 100 – 200 Euros every month. That’s not such a bad deal.

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