Understanding bookmakers tricks to ensure steady profits every time.

Understanding bookmakers tricks to ensure steady profits every time.

Sports betting arbitrage is today acknowledged as the safest form of betting worldwide. However, most people do not appreciate how this whole betting business is carried out. In this post let us try and understand that. There are three important elements in the betting business. The first one is the event. It could be anything from a football match/tennis match to the presidential election. The only condition is that it should have multiple possible outcomes. The second important element is the bookmaker or the bookie, who will offer odds for all the possible outcomes. And the last and very important factor is the bettor/gamer who will place bets on possible outcomes with the hope of making some money on the side.

The first thing you have to understand is that bookmakers or bookies are not gamblers, they are essentially businessmen that want to make money. They are the one that calculate and set odds for outcomes on several betting events. Betting exchanges do not fix the odds. It is the bookies that compile and publish odds weeks before a betting event.

Now you may think that the odds are calculated very meticulously and represent the true mathematically calculated values or the expected values of the outcome, but this is not true. Many a time odds are either very high or ridiculously lower than expected. This is done to ensure that there is action on both sides of the result. Their primary aim is to balance their books. If a team is a hot favorite to win a game and the bookmakers do not balance their books, then all the bettors will bet only on one team and the bookie will end up paying everybody. To avoid this a bookmaker will ensure that the other team also offers lucrative odds so that people are tempted to bet on it.

The ultimate aim of bookmakers is to collect money on both sides of the outcome and pay only the winners. This way they can keep the money of those that lost the bet. In their effort to balance books they offer very lucrative odds for the weak team, and it is here that arbitrage opportunities arise.

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