What is arbitrage betting? And how betting on all outcomes ensure you make money?

What is arbitrage betting? And how betting on all outcomes ensure you make money?

Making money from sports is possible even if you don’t know a thing about that sport. It is a common misconception that you have to know all the finer nuance of the game, the history of the teams, conditions in which the match is played, etc., There is a sure way of making steady income from sports betting, and it is called arbitrage betting.

The neat thing about arbitrage is that you can have zero knowledge of the concerned sport and can even be ignorant about betting strategies and techniques, yet make decent sums of money on a regular basis. However, it is important to note that you have to be attentive about the different odds offered by different bookmakers to indulge in it. In short arbitrage is a trading technique that uses the difference in odds on outcomes to make a return on investment. it is not something invented by sports betting lovers, but has been around in financial markets for as long as modern trading techniques have existed.

Arbitrage betting explained in a few words

Arbitrage betting is also known as surebets, miraclewins, arbs, or miraclebets. An arbitrage betting system involves placing a bet on all possible outcomes at odds that will ensure profit. Generally a game of American football, soccer, boxing, or tennis has three possible outcomes a win, loss, or a draw. Now if you carefully study the odds and bet on all three outcomes, you are bound to make profit. However, the key here is you cannot place all the bets at one bookmaker. Because a bookmaker or bookie will balance his books to make profit and if you place all your bets at one bookmaker you will end up losing your money even if you bet on all outcomes. What you have to do is study the odds offered by different bookmakers on different outcomes and then place a bet on each outcome at different places. The discrepancy in the odds offered by different bookmakers on possible outcomes allows us to make money. One more thing you need to remember and that is you need to invest substantial sums of money, around 10,000 Euros, to make a decent income from this activity.

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Now that you have a fair idea of arbitrage betting go ahead and make your foray into it, you will forever be grateful that you read this article on arbitrage betting.