What you need to know before you get into betting on sports

What you need to know before you get into betting on sports

Recently a big scam was busted about a graduate from a prestigious university in the United States. The guy in question was claiming a win percentage of over 97%. The very same person also claimed that he makes over $50,000 on a weekly basis. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it sure does. This guy was not making money wagering on sports, but instead was selling his service of offering a lifetime of picks for $200. Many people fell for this scam and lost significant amounts of money. The betting system he was selling promised guaranteed income to gamers and wagers. This con artist also claimed that his system contributed a small part to his fabulous wealth, when in fact it was all that contributed to his income.

So, what was the trick?

Well, this guy had a website to promote his sports betting system. He marketed it heavily and fraudulently claimed a winning percentage in the high 90s. All sorts of positive reviews were there on the internet and some of the reviews spoke quite favorably about his system. But when these claims were investigated it was found that most reviews were fake and almost sounded the same, which meant they originated from a single source. Genuine negative reviews and comments were buried under debris of false positive reviews.

How the system worked?

The system he was marketing allowed players or users to bet on a team. For example if you bet on a team winning you would have to lose three consecutive times for it to count as a loss. If by chance you won once in three chances, it was considered as a 100% win record. Now, can you see the fraud in this type of mathematics? I mean who in their right mind can consider one win in three a win?

Generally a good sports betting system should have winning percentage of around 50 – 55%, not 97% as claimed by this guy. Another neat thing this guy was doing was disqualifying results of losing bets, therefore only the wins showed up.

To win in his system you had to double the amount wagered every time you lost. For example if you are placing a bet of $50 to win $50 and you lose, then you double the amount to $100, and if you lose that too then you double the amount wagered to $200, if you are unlucky once again you double the amount to $400, and so on and so forth. So, if you have a losing streak of 5, you would have lost $1,550. All this for a paltry win of $50.

What are your options in the face of such frauds?

Well, look for services that supply the best odds. One such place is stormyodds.com. This is a honest service provider that does not cheat you. But before that you need to learn about surebets and for that the best place is https://win-every-time.com, visit this site and go through all the reading material posted by professionals. Learn the tips and tricks from experts before you begin your betting carreer.

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