If you truly need the names of good bookmaker companies then I have mentioned them below and you can simply click to visit these sites and also learn about their special offers, if any. Anyway, this method is much better that simply surfing out for bookmakers and maybe getting entangled with a bad one.

Some of the sites mentioned are actually Betting exchanges where players would require to bet against each other and the winner will have to pay a commission of around 3 to 5% to the Exchange. Remember that these commissions are applicable only on your winnings and not on your stake. If you want to calculate the odds then click away to the betting calculator to get accurate odds.

Actually, the true intent of every betting company is only visible when they have to pay out the winnings. I have mentioned the best companies below.

Mentioned below are my 6 best bookmakers with whom I have bet and this list is prepared from my own personal experience while all the judgments are also my own:

Betting Shop Ladbrokes






Mentioned below are the best 1-4 Betting Exchanges that you might require, starting off with the best.




The next list mentioned below is also very good but will quickly limit your stakes when you start to win.





Try them out if you feel that they are all right for your sports betting online. Rather than play with lots of bookies and no money at stake, it is better if you earn money by playing with these companies. In case you still require more bookmakers, then mentioned below is one more list, again with the best at the top.






Guts odds



You can easily have most of your money doing your work if you use this set of bookmakers and since your amount in each stake would be limited you should have enough bookmakers to quickly distribute these large sums of money. Remember to only place your bets ahead by a day or two since this will enable you to rapidly use your money again and also make money faster on the betting web.

If your plan is to earn more than EURO 100 to 150 per day in profits by doing this as a part-time or full-time occupation, then you might also require the services of the following bookies.











When you start betting you will certainly require a fast cash flow or you might require around EURO 50000 at your disposal. Hence, Moneybookers is simply essential since it will give access to yuor winnings very fast. Some bookmakers will be able to pay you within hours and many also pay on weekends.

Your betting will revolve around Moneybookers. You will also be reuired to upgrade your account within 90 days to higher pay limits, which anyway is free.

If you want to get detailed betting tips and also learn more about betting companies such as how b-bets.com and 24bettle.com are really the same company but you can yet play with both to get higher stakes.

Bad Bookmakers. My serious tip would be to stick to the good bookmakers that I have recommended or face a host of problems that include canceled bets and difficulty in getting your winnings. In fact, I got my winnings from Bets4all only after complaining to the police. So, just pay heed to my recommendations and keep on adding bookmakers by starting with the first one on top of each list. Simply click on the links when you want to register. This will ensure that you get access to only the good bookmakers on this page and get high odds when you start out.

While your bookmakers have to be sincere, it is also very important to choose bookmakers that have frequent high betting arbs. My list mentions the good bookmakers in the right order to enable you to get a quick start and also help you to expand faster. Even though there are hundreds of bookmakers, my list will be enough for you to even make a living by playing on a full-time basis with them.

The best part is that even if you just play on a part time basis on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays by sports betting online, you will still be able to earn quite a lot. Anyway, these 3 days witness the most odds and also have the most players playing. You can easily make more than 300 EUROS every weekend without any problem once you successfully complete the learning curve and save your earnings wisely.

All the best with your betting!